Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodbye Asia...Hello England!

When I first arrived in South East Asia, four months seemed like an eternity.  Now that much time has passed I wish I had another four months to do it all over again.  Since leaving Australia in November I've; travelled through five different countries; eaten some weird and amazing food; wandered through ancient temples; walked through the world's longest cave system; survived a Full Moon Party; gotten drunk on rice wine with the locals; ridden motorbikes with the best of them; attended a Cambodian wedding; endured arduous bus journeys; been inspired by the spirit of orphaned kids in Cambodia; been horrified by stories of recent war atrocities; and trekked to minority villages.  However, the most rewarding part about my trip so far is the life-long friends I have made from all corners of the globe. 

So once again my bags are packed and I'm heading off on my next adventure to the UK with a smile on my face, no regrets and some great memories of Asia.  Life is good!

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