Monday, December 5, 2011

Croatia in pictures

"What are you doing in Croatia now?"

This was the most common question the locals asked of us during our time in Croatia.  They seemed unable to comprehend that anyone would want to visit their country, known for it's spectacular coastline, in November.  OK, so it wasn't exactly swimming weather but most days were beautiful and sunny.  We soon discovered that nobody visits Croatia in November, in fact, for the first four days I wondered if we were the only two tourists in the entire country.  Most tourist places had simply shut up shop until next Summer, ferries had stopped running and bus schedules had been seriously cut back.  However, in the end, being the only tourists everywhere we went had its perks ie. we didn't have to wait in line for anything and weren't battling other annoying tourists like ourselves to take happy snaps of the places we went.  And here are some of those places ... sans annoying tourists!

Fearsome gladiators at the amphiteatre in Pula ... bet you can't do this at the Colosseum! 

                                                         Working on my tan in Pula!

The sun sets over Split

Our lovely day trip to stunning Hvar Island

Of course my camera battery died before we even stepped foot inside the old town in Dubrovnik ... so these photos are courtesy of my travel buddy, Lauren ... thanks mate!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... this was our last Croatian sunset and I think it sums up our stay pretty well!

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